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Revised Blade Sharpening Price Schedule

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No, it's not really a price increase!  We've just streamlined the blade sharpening pricing schedule to simplify things.

The following pricing schedule will be applied from 2016:

Cost / knife

no extra cost
$5.00 extra

Regular & Serrated Kitchen Knives
    up to 4" blade
    more than 4", up to 9" blade
    more than 9" blade

Japanese traditional knife
Non-kitchen knife (hunting, folding)
Ikebana clippers
Minor chip repair* ( <2mm)
Chip & tip repair*

*Chip repair must be incorporated with sharpening order.

Note: If your knives or clippers need extra special attention, we will let you know the expected cost and obtain your agreement before starting any work on it.

Prices are subject to HST.

Blade Sharpening Workshops Now Offered

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In collaboration with Peter Nowlan of New Edge Sharpening, we are pleased to offer blade sharpening workshops at our studio here in Halifax.


We did a dry-run last week and the result was good!  How do we know that?  Here is an excerpt from a letter from Patrick after doing the workshop.


...I worked with Peter on this for about 2.5 hrs, Pete said I had it down to a fine science in under an hour as I have been taking lessons from him off and on for over a year now, but wanted to refine my technique using all Japanese stones.  I took this knife up to 8000 Grit and she is some fine knife. The selection of Japanese water stone Peter Nowlan has for teaching and for use in his own shop is unreal, he is a perfectionist and every aspect of doing it right but at the same time his teaching methods is laid back comfortable and most enjoyable.


Peter had Japanese flute music going and treated me to very nice Japanese tea, I think it was green tea but very nice indeed The shop is on Quinpool Road and is all about Japanese culture, lots of books on cooking, sushi cook books are stunning, many nice crafts and best if you want to learn the art of Ikenana [sic], Flower arrangement then this is the place not to mention my Favorite is working with a Master at his craft of knife sharpening Mr Peter Nowlan to whom I would recommend lessons or having your own kitchen / Chef knife sharpen by in a heartbeat.


Mr. Nowlan thank you for the wonderful time at your knife sharpening seminar and for imparting your knowledge on proper care and techniques to acquire the sharpest edge knife I have ever had to date from your lessons.



Thank you, Patrick! 

We don't have pre-scheduled workshops.  Please contact us if you (or your group) want to arrange one.   More details here.


From A Happy Knife Customer

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Here is an email we received from Val.   


I really enjoy this new arrangement between the shop and Peter Nowlan of New Edge. As you know, I've given the service a pretty good test - various blades and brands, serrated edges, dried out handles and one knife missing a healthy chunk of its tip. You must wonder about the state of my kitchen.

The results of Peter's work are excellent - hand sharpening, oiling, repairing - he pays attention to the details, is thoughtful, and obviously cares about this work.   

The reasonable prices, quick turn around time and convenience of dropping my knives off at the Ikebana Shop are most appreciated.  Because both you and Peter take such a personal approach to making things work, I can have confidence in the service from beginning to end.

Thanks for this,


Thank you very much for your feedback, Val! 

See below the "before" and "after" pics of Val's knife with the broken tip. 


Val's knife before.JPG
Val's knife after.JPG

Learn more about our blade sharpening services here

Photos courtesy of Peter Nowlan.