Tokyo Milk Mx N’ Match Parfum Vials

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An at-home parfum lab for fragrance enthusiasts!


3 Fragrance Notes x 2 Vials Each

Each of the 6 sets features a unique fragrance “family” and includes 2 vials each of 3 fragrance “notes” for you to create their own unique scent.  Mix across several sets and be even more unique!

Each vial is an atomiser mist spray bottle, perfect to tuck in your purse or pocket for a quick spritz on-the-go!

The Fragrance Families

·      Garden State = Earthy fragrance family

·      Sun Kissed = Citrus fragrance family

·      Skinny Dip = Marine/Oceanic fragrance family

·      Sugar Bomb = Sweet/Gourmand fragrance family

·      Moon Flower = Light Floral fragrance family (a less traditional set of floral scents)

·      Modern Love = True Floral fragrance family (a more traditional set of floral scents)


Now available at the shop. $22.50 (CAD) each.