With A Little Help From Our Friends

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that setting up a new business is never easy.  Back in 2008, as newcomers, we found it doubly hard to set up. Apart from not really knowing the rules of the game, we lacked that built-in network of family and friends.  You know how it goes...you need to find out about something or need to get something done, you ask your elders, your cousins and your friends.  Sooner or later, somebody somewhere will turn up and say, "Hey, I know this guy who can help you...."  and thus, you move one more step forward towards your objective.  

Thankfully, for newcomers to Canada, there are the immigrant services organizations.  In Nova Scotia, they are ISIS - Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services.  

The people there were literally our first friends in town.  To any immigrant who is serious about settling and setting up shop in Nova Scotia, ISIS is a gift from heaven and we cannot thank them enough for helping us on our way.  Now we have our little shop and things just keep getting better!

For sure, you have to have the ideas and you have to do all of the legwork.  They won't spoonfeed you but they do have a vast network to help answer your queries, introduce you to knowledgeable people and provide guidance along the way.  So if you are a new immigrant to Nova Scotia, get in touch with them now.  You won't regret it.  Promise.  (http://www.isisns.ca/)

In the video, make sure you watch from 4:47.  You'll get a glimpse of the inside of our shop! (^_^)